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Sumo Sushi & Bento

Following my blog on sushi cake( Fine Art made easy – Sushi Cake ), I visited a newly opened sushi restaurant called Sumo sushi & Bento, located in Festival City Mall. Trying a newly opened restaurant is always an adventure as you don’t know what to expect. nonetheless, my experience in this sushi restaurant was exceptional.

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Fine Art made easy – Sushi Cake

When someone asks me what is my favourite type of food, sushi is the first thing that pops up in my head. Sushi is always bursting with creativity as you can put any ingredients in it and it will still have a delicious taste, as long as you keep the seaweed and rice because for me this is what makes sushi, sushi.

I have had attempts at making homemade sushi multiple times and even attended the workshop on the art of sushi, but I still fail to cut a roll of sushi in a perfect circle as they do in restaurants. Combining my love of sushi with my inability to make them beautiful, I decided to give the sushi cake a try. I read about this innovation a while back and at first, I didn’t feel it something I would do as rolling sushi is so much fun regardless of the end shape. Nevertheless, I gave it a shot and it gave me the same vibe that I’d get if I was eating regular sushi except it just lacked the fun and small bites of sushi.

Sushi cakes could be a substitute to regular sushi, as they taste the same and are much simpler to make. I  would only substitute the regular sushi rolls with sushi cake every once in a while, not always, just because sushi rolls tend to provide my senses with a more exotic experience.

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Swiveled Greens

Green, Green and more Green!

Recently, thanks to the media, a lot of people became obsessed with the idea of healthy eating, in fact, people now enjoy eating fresh and clean food. Wherefore, demands for food that is organic, gluten free and  GMO-free is on the rise.

Even though the media has hyped up healthy eating, people still seem to think healthy eating is all about salads only, (it is not); if you are one of those people let me spice up your basic green salad.

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Back To The Nineties – Nineties Cafe

 “Here is where the pain eases”

The Nineties cafe first emerged on this Wakra seaside; here was the beginning of their journey. The cafe is based on the nineties, as you would expect from the name, even though the indoor seating is limited the ambiance lives to the expectation. The Nineties cafe takes you to the past where you regain your memories, memories that are calming and beautiful, from your childhood or past years. The cafe’s walls are all brightly colored, covered in references to childhood games and shows. Consequently, this is the beauty of this cafe; it gives you a hold of good memories where pain eases!

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A Liquid Hug For Your Brain



The secret of survival.

Have you ever tasted a freshly brewed cup of coffee in the morning and enjoyed its heavenly smell? If not you are missing out.

There are different types of coffees to suit different personalities, whether you enjoy the naturally bitter taste of coffee or you like the sweet side of it, here are things you need to know about the different drinks.

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Why blaze it? When you can glaze it ?

I don’t know if you would have guessed it but this blog is about donuts!

kjojo.pngA doughnut or a donut, depending on your preference, is one of the most requested desserts. Everyone enjoys a donut every now and then whether it is glazed, sprinkled or filled, it is hard to resist.

As ordinary as they may seem to some people, donuts nowadays include a twist to them here is my favourite:

Ice Cream Donuts – Halos

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