The Chemist Cafe

Where drinking coffee out of a beaker or conical flask is the norm!

One of my favorite subjects in school was chemistry, here is why: chemistry allows you to mix and match substances to create new ones, which is what cooking is all about. So obviously when I heard about the chemist cafe I had to try it.


The Chemist cafe theme is just amazing and very unique.The cafe walls are filled with chemistry related objects with formulas all around to ensure you feel like you are in a chemistry lab. All the drinks are presented in Flasks, beakers and test tubes and if you didn’t get the full chemistry theme then wait till vapor and smoke come out of your drinks.

My favorite part of this cafe was the staff, they reminded me of a tv series called Breaking Bad as they had a similar attire; dressed in lab overalls and goggles.

To end this I would tell you a chemistry joke but I wouldn’t get a reaction.


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